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yesterday, we went to the Marsapolooza thing at the Natural Sciences museum. unfortunately, it was much more aimed at kids than we'd anticipated, and had about 2342342359924234 people at it. we met up with Amber and Chris and oh-heck-i-can't-remember-his-name for a bit, but bailed after about an hour. there were just too many people to wade through to see anything interesting, and not as much stuff as we want aimed at people over twelve. the museum itself is switfy, though - we had a good time checking out the fossils before we left, and want to go back when it's not as crowded. the rest of the day was lost to me figuring out how to make eggs over easy, Settlers, a little drinking, some homework, some reading, and going to bed early.

today has been much the same. there was some cleaning this morning, since i couldn't see the floor on my half of the office - clothes seem to gather there, and i'm not quite sure how. i've done some homework, though i really need to do some more. (my homework for tomorrow was done yesterday, though, of which i'm pretty proud. and my stats homework for wednesday is done. ([edit]: well, it was done... she just emailed us, adding a problem. oh well, that won't take long.) and the cheat sheet for my stats test friday is done. and i'm partway through my readings for Islam and politics... i guess i've gotten more done than it feels. i'm just wigging out a bit, since tests and papers are starting.) we watched some West Wing and got pizza for dinner. we went for an hour and a half long walk this afternoon, which was really nice - we both needed the fresh air and to stretch our legs. we wandered around and talked about houses and cars and camping and such.

it's been a nice weekend. pity i can't just add another day onto it. :)
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