joyce (joyce) wrote,

today, i've gotten to rehash the role of the Ottoman Empire in WWI, and the role of Black churches in the civil rights movement. it's always a party here. ;)

i have a paper to write on dissent and patriotism. the prompt says to talk about whether we feel that dissent and patriotism are opposites, or whether they peacefully coexist. my thesis is that both of those things are a crock - to say that dissent and patriotism peacefully coexist is often laughable, but to say they're opposites is off too. to me, they have a symbiotic relationship... patriotism needs dissent to keep it honest, at the least, and dissent needs patriotism - at least in this country - so that we care enough about the country to uphold the rights of the dissenters. i really like this paper topic - it's making me think about how i define dissent and patriotism. it's making me think, period, which is really nice.

oh, and then i get to talk about what these things say about religion and politics. gleee.

i'm back to thinking about religious studies for grad school again, foreign language requirements be damned. yarg.
Tags: school:grad_school, school:homework

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