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i can't look at my ADA online - note to self, call the damned help desk Monday - and so i went by R&R today to see what was wrong. they told me to call the help desk =p BUT they did print out my stuff for me. my transfer credits have cleared, wooot. :)

they actually transferred all of my sociology credits from BCC - which is kind of impressive - but only 2 of the 4 classes do me any good... i have too many 200 level SOC classes.

what it all comes down to is, i have 16 hours left in my degree - 5 SOC classes and a my 100 level p.e. i'm going to finish a religious studies minor, for which i have 9 hours. so i have 25 hours total left. i might really actually graduate one of these days... dude. :) that's 3 SOC classes, 2 religion classes, and the p.e. this fall, and 2 SOC classes and 1 religion class next spring. which puts "one of these days" as two semesters from now, after this one. dude.

on another note, naps good. :)
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