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so i thoroughly enjoyed my evening off. we played a game of Settlers and watched the first three episodes of season II of West Wing. i was sitting there during the first one, so engrossed i couldn't eat my dinner. :)

i got to bed reasonably early and was drifting off when the power went out. so Jeff located the flashlights and a travel alarm for me and set it so i could get up in the morning in case the power was out all night, and we settled back in. except i get really freaked out when i'm tired and something unexpected like that happens. so my brain kept dregging up all the horror stories i'd ever read. =p i was drifting off when the power came back up about 130. so i woke up again. i took awhile to settle back in, and eventually got to sleep. the garbage trucks outside woke me back up at 615. =p granted, my alarm was going to go off in half an hour, but, still, i wanted that half hour, dammit.

despite that, i drug my ass into campus and went to the class and ate lunch, and now i'm in the library obstensibly working on my research papers (one is on school prayer. you'd think i'd be able to find information on this. hrmph.) because i'm due back over at the gym at three, so i can learn how to lift heavy things. wheee. :)

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