joyce (joyce) wrote,

today's lesson: make sure you have the right notebook for the right day. and taking a pencil to stats, and your calculator, might not be a bad idea. luckily, ten minutes or so into the surprise open-notes quiz for which i didn't have my damned notes, she announced that everyone who turned in something was going to get a 100. and i remembered more than i thought i had (we went over the quiz before turning it in) considering that i hadn't looked at my notes since i took them. next week's test should be easy if i study at all. and we get to take in a piece of paper, and it's amazing what 6 point fonts and no margins will do... :)

today's lesson part II: i have got to start taking more food with me to school. i was ravenous by the time i got out of my lab (hatehatehatehatehate lab. ahem. sorry.) and stopped at Bruegger's for a bagel, lest i tear someone's head off during our group meeting.

the group meeting was mercifully short. now i'm home, and Jeff has dinner ready (yay crock pots.) this is a good thing, since i'm ravenous again.

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