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today: gym (swimming, which didn't kick my ass quite as much as last time, but still did a nice job of doing so), library (copies for class), class class class, home, nap (i haven't been sleeping well and had a hell of a time keeping my eyes open in my last class), some class reading, a mini-space geek movie night with Amber and Chris (pasta and crescent rolls and some damned fine pecan pie, and Apollo 13), some chatting about the space program, then i kicked folks out so i should go to bed. which i should be doing oh, like, now.

i need to figure out how to talk sanely to people about religion, politics, and society, if that's what i want to work on and study (and oh, it is. if they'll let me into grad school.) i get riled up too easily. they're subjects most folks get riled up about easily. the trick is to make that not happen, if useful dialouge is going to happen. that's a pretty tricky trick, though.

right. i'm going to bed.

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