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i went to the gym before class this morning instead of after class, and i think i like it. i was feeling peppier when i got to class. of course, sitting through stats promptly killed that. :) so help me, when i'm teaching, i will not be the kind of teacher that addresses the board... anyhow, i was feeling peppier, and it was a nice way to start the morning, and i only had to get up a little bit earlier than normal. it does mean taking breakfast with me, since i don't want to exercise on a stomach full of food and i'd have to get up a hour earlier to get my meds in before i ate. um, no. and it'll give me more time in the afternoon. the only problem will be not going back again after class - this whole exercise thing is kind of addictive.

tomorrow is swimming. i was swimming for half an hour twice a week last summer without blinking. i put my ass in the pool once a week ago and like to have died. why is it so hard to get anywhere fitness wise and so easy to lose it?

i had lunch [Golden Dragon|Dairy Queen] with the Jeni, and some nice conversation. then there was the mall with Jeff, for some window shopping and errandage. home, and homework, and salad for dinner (so good.) i need to get stuff together for the morning so all i have to do is shove some clothes on and stumble out the door, and at least glance through the readings for my politics class. and fall over, and hope i sleep better tonight.
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