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rambling about nothing much

in an effort to combat feeling overwhelmed Friday night, i put a list of all the homework for this week on the whiteboard, and i've been crossing off bits of it as i do it all weekend. it's satisfying to look over and see my stats homework due Friday done (just need to recopy it), my history reading and summary due tomorrow done, 3 out of 4 readings for Islam for Tuesday done (i might start the other one tonight, but right now, if i read anything more about Islamic law, i'm going to tear my hair out), my variables picked for SOC300 lab wednesday. in fact, all i have left to do this week is the one reading and the associated writeup, rewriting the stats homework, and my reading and writeup for the politics class. hell. i might even get a chance to get ahead this week. it's going to start getting hairer - tests and real papers kick in soon - but it's nice feeling on top of things for the moment.

we got out of the house today - the library, where Jeff cast a hairy eye at the number of cookbooks i was checking out - and the recycling center and Whole Foods for this and that - coffee, laundry soap, bulk bin stuff - and Bruegger's for day-olds and a bit of lunch. it was deceptively sunny today - the sun felt great, but the wind was really flipping cold. other than that, today has been homework, and a game of Settlers.

i have eaten four more servings of fruits and vegetables - that is, 4 instead of 0 - than i do in your average day. despite not having slept well last night, i'm feeling great... maybe it's coincidence, maybe it's me thinking i should feel better, maybe it's the exercise lately finally showing some effect... who knows. i'm pleased, though. :)

there's beef and barley soup waiting in the crockpot for supper, and we're going to play some more Settlers, and then maybe i'll start that last article for Islam class, and try to get to bed early, since i'm going to the gym before class tomorrow instead of after, since i have lunch scheduled with the lovely jeni.

i've been pretty boring lately - school, exercise, eating right, more school. life has grown steadily more quiet and drama free. and i'm rather happy with that.
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