lazy day 
22nd-Jan-2005 05:13 pm
we had a couple errands we were going to run this morning, but the crappy weather was supposed to roll in, and if it did, we didn't want to get stuck out in it. it's been drizzling all day, but didn't really start pouring until just now.

so we've stayed inside all day. i need to run some laundry, but didn't feel like going out in the cold to do it. we played some Settlers and watched some more of a Thomas Jefferson bio, and i've been doing homework, ODing on the history of the Ottoman Empire and Egypt at the end of the 19th century. it's actually pretty interesting stuff, and it's almost done, which is nice. i've knocked out some stats homework, too, though i got most of the way through two problems last night when i discovered that i was computing medians wrong (mutter.)

so, yea. lazy. can't complain. :)
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