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Thursday: lovely crafts night at the Tonya's. i finished a scarf. :)

Friday: i was so bloody out of it that i managed to get to my first class with my shirt inside out. it was one of those mornings where i was lying in bed, having to make a concious effort to sort through the fuzz in my head and figure out which day it was and which bus i needed to catch.

stats was sleepy making. history was not. i had a nummy lunch at East Village with Jessie and Daniel (popcorn chicken and french fries, num.) i walked downtown to pick up my drugs, and met Jeff at the library, where i turned in a huge stack of books and showed restraint in only checking out a few. we got home, and eventually Hope showed up for a short visit. (the next time she's down, we need to shanghai Tonya and George for dinner and cards...) we made home made mac and cheese and kielbasa for dinner, played Settlers, and watched West Wing.

Today: eggs and biscuits for breakfast, and another game of Settlers. eventually we made it out to lunch at Crazy Fire with Heather and Dwaine, which was nice, as always. then we hit Target (i needed mailling supplies for some textbooks we sold online, yay money) and CompUsa for Hope. she took off back for home after that, and there was some Next Gen, and then a nap, since the couch of doom sucked me in. more Settlers and sausage balls and chicken soup made dinner (yay for having dinners made up and frozen) and since then there's been a bath and some reading and some geeking and some laziness. i did my stats homework (we're doing bar graphs and pie charts. i know it's going to get harder, but damn, i was scared of this?) and got my notes from this week organized, since i'd just thrown them in my notebook haphazardly. since i'm singlehandedly keeping Wolfcopy in business this semester, i've decided i need to break down and get a real hole punch. (in addition to the 16 textbooks i bought, there's electronic reserves to read. i don't have to print them out, but they're a hell of lot easier to read on the page than on the screen, and a lot easier to highlight, which saves taking notes, which saves time. so.) Jeff tried to explain relativity and how the warp drives on Star Trek work, with predictable results (relativity being the one thing i never got at all in the physics i took.) i need a space physics for dummies book...

i'm 33 pages from the end of Conquistador, so i think i might ignore homework for awhile and go curl up with that. the last 100 pages or so have been moving so slowly... descriptions of fighting really leave me cold. i love Stirling, but i'd love to find an alternative history novelist who doesn't write about war (one of the reasons i haven't read any more Turtledove.) it's still lovely, though, and still worth reading.

it's been a lovely weekend thus far, and there's two more days of it. :) i really need to get ahead on homework in the next couple days, though.
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