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classes today: "Religion and Politics in 20th Century America": i want to be my professor when i grow up. seriously. class looks like it's going to be a lot of fun (this is the one that had me in a happy state of nerdvana this morning), my classmates don't appear to be moronic, for the most part, the professor has a lot of energy, and the material is precisely the kind of thing i want to be working on. and we're in what amounts to a conference room instead of a classroom. in class mid-term, take home final.

"Social Research Methods": this is the big bad intro to learning how to be a sociologist, in which we will actually design our own research and write up a 15 to 17 page mock journal article. the prof seemed most interested in making sure that we understood how to spell his name and that if we miss a test, we have to take the final. and they're there for us to learn something. as long as i stay on top of the work, i'll be fine. and yea, i only have to take the final if i don't like my scores on the tests.

"Islam in the Modern World": nothing that made me glee, but it looks like it'll be interesting enough. the prof sounds like he should know his stuff, with a phd in Islamic social systems. he has an apparent quirky habit of writing up notes in Arabic as well as English, and there are only a couple folks in the class who might be able to read Arabic. oddness. we'll get our test questions beforehand, woot.

out of five classes, there are only two required finals. i can deal with that.

i have 200+ pages of readings (and two chapters, i haven't even looked to see how long they are) for thursday, and another chapter for tomorrow. oy.
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