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i've had this song stuck in my head for days now. i guess it could be worse, but like a lot of things i get earwormed with, i don't really know that much of the song unless i'm listening to it.

i work up this morning with my stomach doing flip-flops. that was fun, really. i forced some green tea and pb&j toast down and wandered up to catch the bus. i discovered that i was smart to assume the bus was going to be early. i was catching the bus before the bus i actually needed, to make sure i got to class on-time, so i wandered into the library computer lab to check my email, in the process realizing that i have no idea where the other unity labs are, other than the laundry building, which i forgot about until just now. i guess i should look that up, since i don't have eos access anymore.

first up was stats, which was in a (dank) basement room in Broughton. the instructor gives off nervous grad student vibes, and i'd be willing to lay odds that i'm older than she is. :) i'm sure she knows her stuff - at least, i hope so - but she was so giving off this "um, yea. i have this class. i'm supposed to say stuff. um, yea. um, stuff" kinda thing. we walked about pie charts and bar graphs. i took notes, and refrained from clocking the freshman who was sitting next to me and sighing that "why am i here?" sigh every two seconds. there's three tests and homework and quizes and a final, and we get the front side of a piece of paper on the tests, which makes me feel infinitely better about things.

next up was history - Modern Middle East - in Harrelson. i'd forgotten how much i hate having classes in Harrelson (and i get to get reminded again tomorrow, ooh boogie.) there's not a hell of a lot you can do about getting out of having classes in Harrelson if you go to state, though, particularly if you're still filling gen ed requirements. so we had 38 people plus the instructor crammed into one of those little windowless rooms (since there are folks trying to get in to the class.) the professor is a visiting prof imported directly "from the Middle East" (she didn't specify which part) who conducted class in a voice that was a shout in intonation but not volume, and produced a fine volume of spit (eeew.) there are no tests. (can i get a praise be from the audience? :) ) it's class participation, weekly summaries of the material, and two essays. i can do that. :) the history prof actually called roll, unlike stats class, and she called my name, so somewhere in there the Impostor Syndrome feeling started wearing off a bit.

we got out of history half an hour early, and i went and got an ID made (i guess i really am a real person now), went to student health to schedule a gyn appointment (wheee fun) and went to the gym (dear self, Tonya was right, bring your own damned shorts.) then i caught the bus home.

i'm feeling considerably less nervous about the whole thing.
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