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yes, i'm still alive.

life lately, in no particular order:
- saw "Sixth Day". pretty good. cheesy ending.
- saw "Red Planet". better than I expected. ditto on the cheesy ending.
- got to see some ocean. Half Moon Bay is beautiful.
- Dot is still not moving. radiator turned out to be not in the condition to be rebuilt... so we're just going to put a new one into her. after which i get to do all the driving for awhile... =)
- finished The Way of The Peaceful Warrior. need to reread it. got a lot of thinking to do.
- not enough sleep, but that's normal.
- i've converted to blackbox, for the time being. needo and shinjisan can say "i told you so" anytime now.
- looking for a place to live
- work is... yea. it's work. *shrugs*

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