joyce (joyce) wrote,

two stores netted two-thirds of my books. heh. i got lucky at one of them, which has a pile of used books for one of my religion classes. however, they only had one of the five books - used or not - for the other religion class. =p Jeff drove me around, which was nice of him, and i'll grab the rest from the campus bookstore Monday.

i'm a bad queer person... i knew i wasn't going to get out of a class on "Religion and Politics in Twentieth Century America" without some sort of discussion about queer rights. but having a whole book on it? yea verily, i hope we can get past the "i'm right and you're wrong" stage of the discussion, but i'm not hopeful. the idea makes me tired. i should try to be more optimistic.

also, one of my sociology classes uses a book written by the professor. that just doesn't seem quite right.

i'm going to have a hell of a lot of reading going on. heh. it's a good thing i like to read.

oh, and except for going in for a couple hours sometime next week to show the new girl the invoicing system one more time, i'm officially unemployed. woot. :)

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