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today was sleeping late (go fig), and Wal-Mart and Target and Chick-fila and Settlers with Tonya. the Target trip was because they're selling wire shelving really cheap right now, so now i have shelves beside my desk, which means i can remove stuff from the top of the desk, which means i might actually be able to pretend to be organized, which is good. now i just need to clean up my half of the office, since right now there's papers and knitting and books everywhere.

Jeff made the most fantastic pot roast for dinner. i'm pretty sure that he put crack in it, since i had two bowls full and damn near licked the bowl. unfortunately, a stomach full of potatoes and beef is making me crazy sleepy. i've got work tomorrow, too, so i should be getting to bed before too much longer.

(heh. i've been paid every thursday for the last nine months, so i keep thinking tomorrow is payday and having to look at Quicken and remind myself that, no, that's next week (when i see my last paycheck out of the design place; this week would have been a lawyer week.))

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