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today was sleeping, reading, an episode of West Wing, a trip to the library and the recycling center, and a game of Settlers. in between there, Hope stopped by to pick up her computer - Jeff had it to install the memory and other stuff that she got for Christmas/birthday - and ended up staying for a few hours of conversation and dinner, which was nice.

this is going to be another lazy week... i'm going to have to work a couple days, since i'm still training my replacement (hopefully, she spent part of this past week inhaling the PeachTree manual.) i have a couple of miscellaneous errands i need to do, and need to see if i can shanghai Jeff into going with me to get my textbooks sometime this week, since i'm not carrying those home on the bus if i can help it. otherwise, i plan on spending this week pretty much like i did the last week - lots of knitting, reading, sleeping in, being lazy, gaming, and stuff. i do need to get my half of the office better organized, and do some housecleaning. yay excitement, or something.

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