joyce (joyce) wrote,

yesterday, we went and saw the Space Station 3D movie at the Imax theater with Tonya and George. holy wow, it was awesome. :) after that, we hit El Rodeo for lunch (mmm, Mexican) and then went our seperate ways, which for Jeff and i meant running out to Crabtree and wandering B&N a bit. we got some coffee and looked at books and magazines until it was time to come home.

yesterday evening was quiet. we stayed in... there was party at hap's and cbj's that we could have gone to, but we weren't feeling up to crowds (sorry guys) so we stayed in and did some Settlers and some West Wing and some reading and some knitting and pasta for dinner. there was a bottle of port, and some bread and homemade sundried tomato spread. so nothing fancy, but i got to ring in the new year with my love, so it didn't need to be anything fancy. :)

our neighbors kept us up for awhile last night, and we didn't sleep too well in general. today's been lazy, except for going out to Waffle House with rao and rhiannonstone. it was good to see them and good to have Jeff be able to meet them. save Jeff having computer issues, it's been a very pleasent day.

and i've been spending far too much time on the computer lately, so it's back to knitting for me...
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