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i'm not going to do the detailed recap of this year that i did of last year. this year was, as warsop very wisely just said, spent getting ready for what's to come. this was a placeholder year, where i'd make some money, relax some, and wait to get residency here so i could go back to State. it was the year between when i moved here and when Jeff moved here. it's not been a bad year, but it was definitely a year of waiting in a lot of respects.

so, i've passed some more classes in school. i've gotten closer to my family. Jeff's here, and we're getting along... better than i ever could have hoped. i start classes at State a week from Monday (eeeeeep.) i've got some wonderful friends here that are brilliant and amazing and understanding, and i'm still blessed with friends that i can say the same about in Seattle, 3000 miles aside. all in all, life is great, and it stands to be even better this coming year.

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