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- sleeping in. mmmm, sleep.
- Golden Dragon for lunch. Whole Foods for NYE food and essentials (yes, coffee counts as an essential in this household)
- some mild cleaning and organizing. the kitchen and the living room are starting to take shape again. there was a bit of an explosion after Christmas. we really need to break down boxes.
- reading
- Settlers
- drinking lots of tea (*)
- hot dogs for dinner
- West Wing
- knitting half a cowl while Lost in Space, the original series, was playing. i think he's just decided that it's alltogether too cheesy to continue.

alltogether, a nice, mostly lazyish day. tomorrow looks to be about the same. :)

* i finally got a couple of plastic bins to put the tea into, instead of taking up valuable drawer space in the kitchen. in the process of finding all the damned tea to put into the bins, i found a whole lot of stuff i'd forgotten i had. for example, there was almost a whole thing of Market Spice tea hiding in the back of one of the drawers. having now filled one plastic bin with herbals and one with black teas, and needing to get a third for the stuff in bags, i think it's officially been deemed that i have a lot of damned tea. maybe i'll put off that Tealuxe order. =p

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