joyce (joyce) wrote,

i spent this morning at work training the girl who's going to be taking over for me. i sent her home with the PeachTree manual and soon took off myself. then it was up to Cameron Village for the much bitched-about-needing haircut. i've been overdue for one for awhile now, and getting really shaggy, and acquiring layers that had grown in without being cut in awhile. so 10 minutes later, i was back to my standard bob cut that i've had since my junior year in high school, save for the last year and a half. it's cute, it looks a hell of a lot better, it'll grow out much better from here, and i match my mental image of myself again. the buzz cut was a fun experiment, but experiment is all it was. :)

after that, it was off to campus to drop off a job application at the bookstore and my direct deposit form at the cashier's office (they direct deposit financial aid. that just seems a little too weirdly easy. at the beginning of classes, $largesumofmoney will just arrive in my checking account, and then they'll do it again in march. weird.) i wandered home. after awhile, we made it out to Tonya's birthday party, but only for a bit. his leg is bugging again, and i'm still overpeopled. meh. still, it was fun, for what we did stay for.

i don't have to be back at work until Monday. *glee* we have all kinds of good plans for the rest of the week... in fact, at this point, i'm pretty sure that i've said "we should blah blah blah" enough that we have enough stuff for a couple months, not a couple of weeks. :)

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