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today, everyone got up and wandered over to church save me. eventually, everyone wandered back, my sisters bearing the stuff to make sausage balls, since i'd been craving, and one of our cousins. we made the sausage balls up, ate a frozen pizza for lunch, and played a round of Settlers, after which i realized that i couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. i crashed out for a nap and when i got up, discoverered everyone else had done the same thing. :) we packed up and headed out to yet another family potluck, this one my dad's side. this one is a lot smaller and quieter. we stood around the fellowship hall of the church my grandparents went to when they were alive and talked and ate some more (dear lord, i have eaten way too much this weekend), and in the course of the chatting discovered that another one of my cousins (*) was coming down to Raleigh to see his girlfriend tonight after dinner, and did i want a ride? so Hope was off the hook for bringing me home, and i rode back with my cousin (in his big, bad assed truck, which was fun, even if he did decided that skidding around in the ice on Faircloth without warning me was his idea of a good time). he's some sort of crew chief with DOT, helping decide where all the signage needs to go and what the speed limits need to be (fear) and that kind of thing. he's a volunteer firefighter, too. we chattered about work and family and relationships and cars and driving and work. he's actually a pretty neat guy, and it was nice to get some time to talk to him. he's grown up a hell of a lot since the kid who hung a "wide load" sign on my back one christmas a few years ago. =p

so now i'm home in boxers and a tshirt drinking a cider with my boyfriend, and life is good. i had a lovely christmas weekend, but i am completely peopled out at this point. i'm glad i've tomorrow off.

* - this particular cousin is actually my, um, third cousin, i think. his mom and my dad are cousins, which would make me second cousins with her and third cousins with him, i think? hell, i don't know. our family sprawls enough that everyone is either a cousin or aunt/uncle, without much thought to how many hops that relationship actually entails.

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