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what an amazingly good day. :)

Jeff and i exchanged loot this morning - i got copies of The Life of David Gale and Life as A House, which he's never seen. we'll soon remedy that. :) i also got an external keyboard, since i've been remarkably hard on the laptop's keyboard. and there was an mp3 player (dude). it's small - 128 megs - but exactly what i wanted. i don't need to be able to haul around my whole cd collection to go run on a treadmill for half an hour. :) it's tiny and cute and i've been playing with and putting music on it off and on all day. Jeff will have to talk about his own loot, but he seemed pleased.

(you know, there's a lot of bitching done about the commercialization of christmas, and i have to agree with some of it - do we have to have christmas decorations up before Halloween? - but i love picking out presents for people and getting them things i know they'll like.)

dinner was Jillie's jambalasta, heavily modified, since there are some food allergies/dislikes with some of the main ingredients. despite that, it turned out really well, which made me happy - i've been craving it lately, and i was glad to be able to turn out a version that both of us liked. we did that and salad and whole wheat french bread and wine, and actually cleared off the kitchen table and ate and talked instead of eating while playing Settlers or in front of our computers.

i need to go prep coffee for the minute and wrap one my sister's presents. we're heading out early in the morning, and i don't want to have to do anything tomorrow morning but get dressed and go.

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