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they let us out of work at 4 today (wooooot) and i got quite a few well wishes and "stay in touches" from folks. that was awfully sweet. the next day i have to be at work anywhere is Tuesday, which is even sweeter. :)

i mentioned to a couple of people at work that our plan for tomorrow is to hole up and not come out of the house until Saturday morning. "why would you want to do that?" they asked. heh.

the liquor store was a mild zoo, but not too bad. the grocery store was a zoo. even the library was busier than normal. all of the bad drivers were out sloshing around in the rain. hrms, i can stay home with my boyfriend, drink, play video games, open presents, and cook, or i can go deal with 234234 trillion people that are going to be out doing last minute stuff tomorrow. let me think about that one real hard, ok? :)

(a big thanks to my sister, who stopped at the store on her way home for a can of artichokes on the way home, since the one we got is leaking, thus saving us having to go out tomorrow for another can. yay for cell phones.)

Jeff's presents are wrapped, as are mine from him, and we're having fun teasing each other about them (it'll be amusing to see just how long we last tomorrow; we're opening our presents tomorrow instead of saturday.) we've had dinner (hot dogs and tater tots, num) and some chocolate and some Settlers. tomorrow is scheduled for the aforementioned games and maybe some West Wing and reading and cooking - we're making jambalasta for dinner and i need to make the stuff for the two family pot lucks we'll be at Saturday.

life is lovely. :)

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