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- so, yea, i'm a dork. i'd managed to convince myself, somehow, that classes started january 11th. it's the 10th. whoops. i'm glad i checked that. :)
- tomorrow is the last day at the evil soul-sucking job of doom. nice people, crummy pace, crummy work.
- it was warm today. at least, comparitively. it felt almost balmy walking to the bus this evening.
- all of the christmas gifts are purchased, and i think they all might even arrive on time. i have plans for family stuff this weekend. Jeff gets to meet my family. :)
- my copy of Conquistador is in at the library, and i'm actually going to have time to read it in the next couple weeks.
- did i mention school starts in a little more than two weeks? :)

i'm actually in a good mood for once. woot.

edit: and we are sending out holiday cards, they're just going to be fashionably delayed. :)

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