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friday, i got off of work and ran up to school to turn in paperwork to show that i'm getting financial aid, so NCSU should please to not be dropping me from my classes, and solved the mystery of the rogue student ID number (there's a leading zero on it, and apparently noone on the phones has been there long enough to know to try that. so said the girl in reg and records. i feel dumb for not having thought of that. or thinking of faecat's suggestion of just asking what my ID number was listed as sooner.) i got home, and Tonya came over for a bit to discuss our both for the flea market. she took off, and Jeff and i made spaghetti for dinner, watched an episode of Voyager, and hacked together a fun version of two person Settlers.

Saturday, Tonya picked me up at 5 freaking 30 in the morning, and we traipsed out to the fairgrounds. we figured out where we were supposed to be, got directed to a space, set up our little table of crafted goods, and ate Bojangles while we watched everyone else get set up. we watched the temperature drop and froze our asses off and when at noon we'd answered a few questions but not sold a damn thing, we cut our losses and headed out. there was Taco Bell and CompUsa with Jeff, then Tonya went home. i napped. eventually, my sisters showed up - the oldest one had a party down east to go to and was going to crash at our house, so she brought the youngest with her and dropped her off with us first. :) there was a trip to Whole Foods for this and that, pizza from Gumby's, some wine, more Settlers, and some West Wing. the oldest got back from her party and there was some talking and visiting, and there was sleep.

this morning, we all got up, and i fixed breakfast for the army, and we played Settlers while eating said breakfast, visited a little bit more, and then they headed back up the road to home. we had leftover pizza for lunch and did some talking about life and work and plans and such. i took the mutiple choice part of my anthropology exam. we went and saw a matinee of Ocean's 12 (the Morrisville theater turns out to be nice and like, ten minutes up the road). it was tasty and fun - not quite as good, to me, as the first one, but really good, still. i want to NetFlix it when it's on DVD so i can try to catch a couple of loose ends that are bugging me. we got Wendy's for dinner, and came home. there's a load of laundry up drying, and i'm poking at this verdammit paper.

we saw trailers for some fun looking stuff, including Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Brad Pitt with a rocket launcher is fucking hot.

finally, i've been really, really bad at birthdays lately, but happy birthday to Ari and Jillie, two of my favorite people in the world.

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