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damn it feels good to be a gangsta

i scored a pair of black pin stripe pants at Old Navy for seven dollars yesterday. woot. i *heart* Old Navy, since they actually have big girls clothes that don't look 50 years old and i can afford their clothes when they go on sale. so i'm wearing those, black high heeled boots, a black tank, and a white overshirt. i look damned cute today. :)

last night was space geek movie night. Tonya and George fed us their wonderful, incredible enchiladas, Jeff and i brought ice cream, and we watched the next two episodes of "from the earth to the moon." i'm in rapture, and eager for next week's installment.

i had a horrible dream last night, that i was at some sort of weird church/family gathering and my cousin was being sent back to Iraq (not the cousin that actually went to Iraq, mind you, but the one that was in Afghanistan) and my mom was asking me to participate in some sort of whacky group blessing for him. i woke up not happy, and glad i wasn't alone. and i'm really glad that at least one of the cousins in question is getting out of the Navy next year (and moving back here. woot! :) )

other than the nightmare, and my inane class group members (and i'll be done with them in a week) life is good. :)

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