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it's been a rather hedonistic existence lately. i'm rather happy with that. :)

Jeff's been wanting to go down to Wilmington for awhile now... he was there on business a few years ago and hadn't been back. so this morning, with no particular itenerary, we hopped in the car and went. :) there was lunch at some joe-random restuarant - seafood chowder for me, so i got my seafood fix - and wandering around downtown and the waterfront, poking in and out of shops and talking about this and that and the other and looking at the water. we stayed through the afternoon, picked up a bunch of brochures for more stuff that we'd like to do, and headed home.

one of the shops we ended up in had wines from the Duplin Winery, which ambermae has had nothing but good things to say about. so after some deliberation we got a bottle of their "Bald Head Red". this stuff is amazing. way, way sweet for a table wine, and very good. the timetable on our trip up to the winery just got bumped up a bit. :)

dinner is bratworst, roasted potatoes, and salad from yesterday. i should do homework, but ... meh. there's no motivation. ohwell. if i can get through the next week and a half, finals will be done, and i'll have a month off. woot. :)

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