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so, somewhere along the way, one of us said to the other "it would be really nice to have thanksgiving with our friends, but alas, we can't do that, for we all have family obligations." we can't remember who said that anymore (and ended up disagreeing about it at the store on Friday :) ) but we ended up deciding to do a second thanksgiving and had a few folks over yesterday for that. it ended up being a really really good day. i didn't get the house quite as clean as i would have liked (does anyone ever?) but that didn't matter. Jeff did turkey in the crockpot (the secret to the best turkey? turkey breast, preferably butterball, in the crockpot on high for five hours. that's it. no sauce, no basting, no thing. and it was perfect and moist and wonderful) and we did salad and green bean casserole and green beans and the stuffing and mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes and lasagne for the folks who aren't currently eating meat and crescent rolls. and brownies. and it was damned good.

i had told folks to bring drinkables if they wanted to bring something, so everyone brought wine and beer, so we ate and drank and chatted, and then some folks took off, and we did a massive round of Apples to Apples (which i won, which i never do), and some more folks were falling asleep and took off, and we did some spades, and more folks left, and eventually it was just Tonya and George and Jeff and i talking until Tonya and i convinced the guys we were falling asleep, so. and that was that. :)
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