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last night, i went and had coffee with lux and her boyfriend.… 
2nd-Dec-2004 10:16 pm
last night, i went and had coffee with lux and her boyfriend. it was good to meet him and good to see her and welcome her back to the area. afterwards, there was dinner with the boy and some West Wing.

tonight, we went over to Tonya's house for a crafting event and made holiday cards. that was a heck of a lot of fun, and now we have 20 lovely cards to be sending out. i was surprised at how long it can take to make 10 cards. i've made one or two before, but not that many. it definitely puts into perspective the time that Tonya puts into her work.

and now, i'm loving the fact that we got a crockpot, because dinner was ready when we got home, save thawing the rice. it's pretty good too, though the recipe needs more tweaking. i was expecting a less runny sauce, and Jeff thinks the chicken is a touch dry. not a bad attempt, though.

oh, and i finally got around to calling the apartment complex about the dishwasher. as i mildly suspected, it turns out it was toast. we needed a new one. however, they keep a stock on hand, apparently, so now we have a new dishwasher. woot. :)
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