joyce (joyce) wrote,

last year, two days before thanksgiving, i got on a plane and (once again) moved myself across this flipping country. :) it'll be 365 days on Thursday (the Tuesday before thanksgiving being the 25th last year) but i won't be near LJ that day, more than likely. so, however you want to count it, happy anniversary to me.

when i got here last year, i'd just had a relationship blow up in my face, i had another relationship that i had no idea where it was headed, and i had something that might possibly turn into something (but didn't.) i didn't have a job, i was moving into my parents' house for the month, and i was desperately homesick for Seattle. i cried more than i care to admit for that first little while, and really wondered if i'd done the right thing. a year later, i have job(s) (that i hate, but who's counting?), wonderful friends that i've reconnected with and a pretty thriving social life, great relations with my family (it's amazing what happens when you get to see them more than once a year). i've lost weight. i have a learner's permit, and might even learn how to drive again one of these days. the paperwork is done and the money is almost in the bank so that i can go back to State full-time in January. i'm, in general, happy. and best of all, i have a wonderful, loving partner with whom i share enough hopes, dreams, and common traits to keep things harmonious and with whom i have enough things that we disagree on to keep life interesting.

i still miss Seattle, but overall, life is pretty damned good.

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