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yesterday entailed eggs on english muffins for breakfast, a trip to the Habitat for Humanity Reuse Center, where we drooled over the various and sundry house bits and contemplated a chair that we ended up not getting; Target for minor appliance shopping; and Crabtree for Crate and Barrell. Crabtree on Saturdays is a zoo. you'd think i'd know this, but i didn't realize just how crazy it was going to be.

we got home and did some organization (the kitchen is starting to look like a kitchen, though we don't have nearly enough closet space) and worked on the office some (there is, in fact, an office floor under there. who'd've thought?) and unpacked a couple more boxes and did some reading and ate some chicken terriyaki for dinner and watched a Star Trek episode and passed out.

Jeff's making ravioli for lunch. :) today has been deliciously lazy, save for the metric ton of laundry we just did. it's going to stay that way too, other than a possible trip to the library sometime this afternoon. it's awfully nice, since the next couple of weeks are going to be pretty hectic. a good hectic, but still.

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