joyce (joyce) wrote,

tonight was the night of missed turns and badly place road signs. first we missed 40 and ended up in Garner. then we missed the turn towards Jeni and Huxley's. granted, that was justified, as it's damned dark out that way at night. but finally, there was moseying along and seeing the sign that said 147 South was left, and 147 North was straight. so we pull over to the left. we're starting to make the left turn when i point out that the next sign says we're actually getting ready to get on 147 North. Jeff flips two u-turns and we pull up towards the signs again. sure enough, it says 147 South is left. we mutter and ignore the second sign that says 147N is left and take that turn anyhow. and, of course, ended up on 147N.

much muttering later, we got home. we'd been out at Jeni and Huxley's (for those who are worried, Jeni is fine and just taking a bit of a break from LJ) for dinner. really good ziti, bread, pumpkin pie and ice cream. we chattered and played with the kitties. it was a much needed evening that made up for a craptastic day at work.

and now, to sleep. zzzzz.

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