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yesterday: got off of work, came home. Jeff needed to find a computer bits store, so i showed him Intrex. we also wandered over to the Office Depot for what we didn't find at Intrex. came home, made some ravioli for dinner, and i passed out for a quick nap (almost literally passing out on my econ book, actually.) then we packed up and went and had hot beverages at Third Place with the lovely Ms. Amber.

today: work. i was crazy piled up by virtue of having taken Monday off (and so worth it, it was.) i came home to find out that i'd gotten a 95 (!) on my econ midterm. we went back out to Office Depot to get him an office chair. there's ginger-seasame chicken marinating and potatoes roasting in the oven, and damn, they smell good.

[edit]: note to self, seasame oil + garlic + ginger + soy sauce + brown sugar = damn good.

lie is busy and wonderful and lovely. i expect to come up for air again about Saturday.

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