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- slept in a touch. finished a book while Jeff slept in more. which, if i'd just spent the better part of a week in a Geo Metro, i'd be sleeping a lot too.
- pancakes and sausage for breakfast. soy milk is just as good as normal milk for making pancakes from mix.
- rearranged the bedroom. we each now have one of the small bookshelves for a nightstand. i'm not ubercrazy about where the bed is, but it's much better than i expected. it was under a bunch of piss-poor sealed windows, and it was getting cold under there.
- unpacked some more boxes.
- chik-fil-a for lunch. num. :)
- i've managed twice lately to wear clothing very like the uniform of whatever retail establishment i'm in. today it was a red vest into Lowe's. whoops. :)
- picked up the umpteen boxes of books from the post office.
- on the way out of the library, he said "hey, where is there a Barnes and Noble? i wouldn't mind heading out to a bookstore for a bit." so, i pulled out the map and said "ok, we'll go out to Crabtree." however, we ended up going to wrong way on Wade (whoops) and by the time i realized we had, it was easier to get onto Capital and head out to Triangle Town Center. so we got some coffee and wandered around the bookstore a bit. on the way back, we ended up on the beltline instead of Capital going back into town, but at least it was the beltline going in the right direction. the hazard of taking the bus everywhere is that one doesn't have to pay attention to the directions between the beginning and the destination.
- Whole Foods. got this and that - i got the big groceries last week, thank you Hope, for ensuring that we didn't have to mess with stocking up this week - but it was stuff like almost being out of paper towels and butter and stuff. while we were there, we were going to get a bottle of port, but ended up with a bottle of cherry wine from these folks impulsively instead. it's amazingly good stuff for not knowing anything about it when we got it.
- he's going to make us terriyaki for dinner. maybe we'll read more. maybe we'll watch more Star Trek. i dunno yet. :)
- i'm in denial about the fact that i have to go to work tomorrow.

hrms. i need a domestic bliss picture. :)

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