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so my parents did end up coming by, to say hi and bring me my mail and a sack of sweet potatoes. i didn't know they were coming, so they found me still in my pjs at noon, and mom thought i was still asleep, despite my protest that i'd been up since 7. ohwell. :) it was good to see them for a little bit, though mom got antsy and they didn't stay too long. oh, and she insisted on bringing the damned phonebooks that have sat on the porch for a couple months in, even though i told her they were destined to go straight into the dumpster if she did that.

the fedex guy arrived right after they did, so dad hauled the boxes inside from the porch for me, which i was grateful for. it's not a small number of boxes that are stacked up now.

heh. guess that means he's really moving in, eh? ;)

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