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so, apparently my parents are going to be in Raleigh tomorrow for some sort of reunion thingy, and i wouldn't have known at all if mom hadn't decided to call me to see if i could tell her where to go looking for a games store. ("do you have a phonebook?" "i have the internet!" "um, uh, oh, ok.") i'm mildly miffed, actually.

tonight is my last night alone for quite some time. i'm happy. i'm ready. living alone for a bit has been good, but i'm tired of cooking for one and sleeping for one and talking at myself on the evenings when i'm not out doing something. i like my alone time, but that's what headphones are for. besides, given the last year and a halfish, i've had it up to the mythical here with long distance relationships. :)

so what am i doing with my last night alone? i got my bath. i might do some dishes. i'm drinking a cider. i might play some spades. verily, i am a woman of excitement, really. :)

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