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today, i narrowly avoided losing my temper at a lawyer and his paralegal, ate too much candy, drank too much caffiene, got quite a bit of work done, almost missed my bus (or rather, it almost missed me, since it was kinda dark out there), officially complained (again) about people expecting me to make their last minute shit my priority, and got to exchange quite a bit of email with my boy.

it really wasn't too bad a day. :)

there's tortilla pizza in the oven - the alfredo sauce again and cheddar and garlic (i love fresh garlic on a pizza). there's chai brewing. i'm in my pj's. :)

Jeff got his first piece of mail here today. it was a silly little thrill.

i'm a very very tired little girl. in a perfect world, i'd slink off to a bath and go to bed. in an imperfect world, i have more midtem to take first.

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