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i posted a hell of a lot yesterday. i'm mildly amused. i didn't realize i'd babbled that much.

today at work was mostly a day of pissiness and grumpiness and annoyance. the one or two folks that might have voted for Bush left the rest of us alone. i got most of my grousing out of my system there, and most of the rest out on the phone with Jeff earlier. i'm not pleased, but well. it does me some good to be reminded that i live in a little fucking liberal bubble, which is an illusion. i mean, really. i have one employer where the other three folks there really don't give a rat's ass who i sleep with, and another employer who has "though shalt not harrass people based on sexual orientation" written into the employment manual. i couldn't ask to be two for two in employers anywhere in this country. i mostly have friends who mostly agree with the values most important to me, and we agree to disagree on the rest. (and really, i'm not as liberal as most folks think. i'm pro-life. i ardently want Roe v. Wade overturned. i'm pro death penalty. i don't want the minimum wage raised. bet some of y'all didn't know that.)

if i hear one more word about the so-called racist, ignorant, undereducated, homophobic, Bible-thumping idiots that live in all the "damned red states" i'm going to start snarling at people. i know, noone's holding a gun to my head and making me read LJ, and i'm started liberally skimming. over forty percent of the people in my state voted for Kerry. some of the folks that voted for Bush are in fact racistignorantetc. most of them aren't. they had their reasons, even if i don't agree with all those reasons. and there are ignorant fucks everywhere; hell knows i ran into enough of them before i moved back here. "men? and women? whoa, girl, you'd best start lying about that, or no girl's going to go out with you..."

America isn't stupid, much as i might have muttered that to myself sometimes yesterday. America is fucking scared. we'll do a lot better if we can convince each other not to be scared of one another than if we keep name-calling. i'm going to try to get better about that myself - it doesn't help anything. i have a heck of a long way to go.

and that's all i have to say.

quite a few of the folks on my friends list have lovely, intelligent, eloquent things to say. i'm not up to reading them right now; i'll have to do catchup over the weekend.

tonight, i'm eating sun-dried tomato alfredo sauce from a jar over pasta with a chik-patty and some cheese. very very tasty. i got to talk to Jeff for a bit - he was passing through Denver, go honey go. :) now i'm talking to my sister, and then i'm going to finish a book for class, and if it isn't too late, take the first part of my anthro midterm. i have an assload of laundry that i have to do at some point, but it keeps getting pushed off... i'm not quite sure when that's going to happen, at this point.
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