joyce (joyce) wrote,


from the North Carolina Republican party platform:

We believe in the power and freedom of individuals. We oppose all efforts to replace that power with undue governmental control.

in almost the same breath, they go on to say:

We believe homosexuality is not normal and should not be established as an acceptable "alternative" lifestyle either in public education or in public policy. We do not believe public schools should be used to teach children that homosexuality is normal, and we do not believe that taxpayers should fund benefit plans for unmarried partners. We oppose special treatment by law based on nothing other than homosexual behavior or identity. We oppose actions, such as “marriage” or the adoption of children by same-sex couples, which attempt to legitimize and normalize homosexual relationships. We support the Defense of Marriage Act and will support a constitutional amendment to ensure that marriage is limited to the union of one man and one woman. We commend private organizations, such as the Boy Scouts, which defend moral decency and freedom according to their own well-established traditions and beliefs.

so, yea, individual power and freedom, if you're straight, since i happen to find marriage, the choice to have children, and not being reviled in public schools pretty basic powers and freedoms. yay for contradicting yourself.

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