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this morning, Hope hauled me to the grocery store so i could stock up on stuff and have some real food around for the first few days when Jeff is here. i ended up with more than i thought i was going to get, but we shouldn't have to go shopping until the next weekend after he gets here, and even that should be pretty minimal, mostly things like fruit and other perishables. HT was running a lot of buyonegetones. my card resulted in a rather heinous amount off of my total.

half of the point in Hope coming down this weekend had been so she could snarf my internet connection to do homework. silly me assumed that her laptop had an ethernet card. i found myself staring at a modem jack and realizing that i wasn't going to plug ethernet into that. so she used my computer for homework before and after the grocery trip. eventually, Tonya wandered over, and the three of us went to the Flea Market that Wasn't - looks like they're still cleaning up from the fair. we went back to the store for stuff for Tonya and dropped Hope off at my house so she could do more homework before taking off for home. Tonya and i went back to her house, where we set things up for their Halloween party. it was much fun, complete with lots of good food, a really really bad old horror movie, Apples to Apples, and lots of conversation. there was a round of Spades at the end of the evening, and then gorski dropped me off, and now i'm home. and really flipping tired. it's been a lovely but long week.

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