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i went to go harrass the fine folks at financial aid this afternoon. i wandered up to the receptionist and told her i needed to change my address because they had the wrong one listed online (i would like to note that they had the right email address; how that managed to synch up and my address didn't, who knows). she asked for my ID number and poked at the computer and finally told me i had to see a counselor.

i shrugged and read my book until someone called me in. he asked for my ID, which i gave to him... "hrms. i don't think that's your ID, it's not pulling you up." um, ok. so we trudge downstairs to reg and records and get them to pull me up in the computer and verify that, yes, i did write down my ID correctly. upstairs, he scratches his head a bit and says he'll fix it. then he gets distracted from the address issue by the actual subject of the financial aid. silly man. :) i'm glad i went in in person instead of trying to call someone to fit it - it turns out that since i withdrew my last semester, i have to write an appeal letter that basically says "yeah, i went crazy but i'm better now so give me money so i can go to school please?" he gave me the information on that, and started to send me on my way, when i reminded him about the address issue, since mail sent to King really won't get here. "well, you can go down to reg and records..." "no, they have the right one." "that's not supposed to happen..." so he pulled me up in his computer and blinked a bit and fixed it. :)

so i need to get around to writing this letter this week. whee haw.

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