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i'm a list driven person. if i don't have a list to follow, the… 
16th-Oct-2004 11:54 am
i'm a list driven person. if i don't have a list to follow, the parts of a big project (or even a small one) will seem overwhelming ("gah. i need to do homework. um, where do i start? ugh.") and then i find myself playing games and wondering where the last hour went. :) today was one of those days that i was going to spin my wheels if i didn't make a list. instead, i've washed and dried and put away (the last bit is rare, usually all of my clothes get used directly from the basket) two loads of laundry and hung up all the clothes that were lurking in the bottom of the closets and read a chapter in anthro and taken an econ quiz and finished my econ postings for the week and gotten most of the dishes done. i've no fear that the rest of the list will get done. it makes things seem more manageable, and i feel accomplished as i get to mark things off, which makes me feel better, which means i get more done... at least if i have problems finding motivation, i can fake it.

you'd think it wouldn't have taken almost 10 years of adulthood to figure this out. :)
16th-Oct-2004 01:05 pm (UTC)
I feel you. My ex-husband would get so irritated with me because I needed to write everything down before I could start on any of it. But without writing it down, putting it in perspective, and making sure I was going things in a logical order, I couldn't even get started!
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