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went to work. went swimming. called my mom while i was walking to the pool. went to the store, since diet coke was on sale. yea, it's tuesday.

i got home and muttered about my econ group and my homework for awhile, then did something about both, alternating with gaming. and some dinner. and a bath, with my econ book. i could have been more productive, but i at least got something done, which was the goal, since Tonya and George are coming over tomorrow.

i don't understand the folks in my class who were posting that the quiz was hard. it was open freaking book, and we had all week to ask questions, and most of the stuff isn't that hard yet. it takes a little while to wrap your head around, especially if you haven't looked at graphs in at least six years, but it's not hard. most of it is common sense and intuitive. not all, but quite a bit.

maybe i don't have mush for brains, even if it feels like it sometimes. i'd still like to know where my motivation is.

i got around eight hours of sleep last night and felt like crap a good portion of the day, in a groggy kind of way. when i get six hours, i'm tired and snappy and dragging ass by bedtime. either way, i can't concentrate. logic would seem to dictate that seven is the magic number, but i don't seem to be able to do that - i'm back to alternating a few nights of okay to crappy sleep with a couple of nights of decent sleep. oy. i'm going to go to bed early tonight, anyhow, and see how i feel tomorrow.

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