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good and bad...

+ got some homework done tonight. and it's even posting on the bulletin boards, which i'm bad at doing.
- still got a fuckton of reading to do
+ at least the reading is interesting. the guy who wrote the econ book could best be described as quirky, but he's trying not to put us to sleep, at least.
- work sucked
+ i don't have to go back there until wednesday
+ i walked home from work, scoring 80 minutes of walking, since i hadn't gotten in much in the last couple days
+ i've had 78 ounces of water today
+ and a big assed salad for dinner
- i managed, in a fit of something, to leave my phone charger in my sister's car last night
+ dad's mailing it to me tomorrow
+ my financial aid check is in at BCC. mmm, money.
- the @#$@#$@#$@%^#$@#$@$ing monkeys in the financial aid office called me to tell me my check was in and to pick it up. never mind that i'd followed the instructions on the webpage to the letter, had my professors email in to verify my attendance, and emailed the office to ask them to mail my check. i called them back and was told "oh, uh, the girl who mails the checks is gone for the day. call back Wednesday."
+ tomorrow is tuesday. swimming day. :) and i get to have Jeni (and hopefully a huxley_boy) over for dinner. mm, taco soup.

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