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so, yesterday Hope and i went out and ran some errands - i secured a couple more towels, since i've a houseguest coming this next weekend, and got $70 sneakers for $14 (and didn't realize how much i'd worn out my old ones until i put on new ones) and i fed her chik-fil-a for lunch, and we came home and got naps and played Scrabble and went grocery shopping for her, and came home again, and Mom made a whole mess of seafood for dinner (mmmmm) and Faith got home from work and we played a couple rounds of Settlers, and then we all settled down and i watched CSI with them and then sat with my econ book open in front of me while at least thinking about reading it and watched some other random crime show, and then we all fell flat-out asleep until 730 this morning.

the parents have cleared out to their church, and Hope to hers, and Faith back to school, and i need to get some homework done. six weeks off was too long - i'm having problems getting back into gear. and VISTA (the online class system) will not load on the dialup - it's way too slow. but i can at least get some reading done.

it's been a lovely weekend.

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