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i dropped off a book at the library, then walked over to Whole Foods, where i got fruit and cheese and wine and bread and cucumbers and tomatoes, then walked home. 95 minutes of walking, all told, and i'm all nice and stretched out and happy.

dinner is tomatoes with olive oil and garlic and a little salt and pepper, and cheese (it's amazingly good, with the texture of parmaeson but much more buttery, and not nearly that expensive at WF, or i wouldn't have gotten it) and rosemary bread. i'm in food heaven. i might just eat tomatoes and bread all weekend. :)

i'm reading The Dark Tower, but i'm having to read it very, very slowly. it's wonderful, but horribly dense and rich, even for Stephen King. i'm having to keep myself from reading spoilers, because i'm impatient to find out what happens. :)

life is good. i'm in the best mood i've been in all week.

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