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rambling, mostly for my own reference...

i keep looking at grad programs, even though graduation's over a year and a half away. but the apps will be due in a year and some change, and i tend to overplan things, anyhow. i would love to pursue grad work in religious studies, but the only place to do it in this state is Chapel Hill (and i have no assurance that i will get into grad school at all, let alone UNC) and you have to prove competency in German or French. i passed German the first time (and managed to stay at NCSSM) mostly through the good graces of my teacher. i've since done similarly horrible at Japanese, Spanish, and Russian. so, yea. theoretically i can do anything i want to, but i'm not sure i want to hold my crappy foreign language skills reponsible for whether i get a degree or not.

if i want a phd in sociology and i want to do it in this state, it has to come from NCSU or Chapel Hill. that's the preferable course; i've no desire to move out of state again. i like being able to see my family basically any weekend i want, even if i don't take advantage of it as much as i should. southern Virginia might would be ok, but there's my friends here too. i've no idea what my chances of getting into grad school at either place are, given my GPA; those are questions for an advisor (and i hope to hell i get a competant one) and i won't have an advisor until sometime in October.

otherwise... this tells me that i can a masters in sociology at ECU, FSU, North Carolina Central, UNC Charlotte, or UNC Greensboro.

- ECU has the advantage of apparently only requiring a 3.0, and they'll take lower if the they like your GREs. they have a thesis option, and they have faculty who have religion listed as an area of interest.
- FSU - i only need a 2.7. there's a thesis option. my areas to choose from are general sociology, criminology, family sociology,and aging, population and health. eh. none of those are religion or stratification.
- NCCU - also a goose egg on the subject areas. can't find a gpa requirement, not that i'm looking all that hard. thesis required. they do offer an evening program, which is kind of nifty. and they're in Durham, which is also a plus.
- UNCC - hey, the UNC system's site lies, UNCC has a Masters in religious studies. hrrrrrrms... anyhow. 3.0 GPA, thesis required. faculty with interests in religion and stratification. and charlotte's only 2 hours down the road from my folks. hrms.
- UNCG - thesis optional. looks like they have faculty interested in stratification, but not religion. can't find a GPA requirement.

living near my folks is a mid-level goal one of these days, if Jeff doesn't hate the area they live in and i get a job somewhere within semi-sane commuting distance. Whitsett is still close enough to the Triangle to come down for an evening, even on a school night. too bad i don't like the looks of UNCG's program more.

maybe if i don't get into grad school at NCSU or Chapel Hill, i'll give up and go become a sheep farmer. :)

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