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Saturday: after much discussion, headed out to Jeni and Huxley's housewarming party mid-afternoon. i hopped a bus over to the transit center and Huxley picked me up from there. total travel time from hillsborough street to the transit center? 15 minutes. that's more like it. travel time if i'd taken the combination of TTA and DATA to their house instead of Huxley coming and picking me up? hour and a half. and the transit center is under ten minutes from their hours. (granted, a large portion of that would have been spent chilling out at the transit center, waiting for DATA to show up.) i'm not sure i have words for how stupid i find that. insert public-transit-in-NC rant #234234.

Jeff says we'll work on my driving. heh. he's never experienced it. :)

anyhow... i got to the transit center in one piece, and Huxley managed to find it successfully. we wandered over to the Food Lion, and, after long discussion and me calling him a girl, we secured orange juice, ice, and veggie burgers (for me.) we got back to their house, where i helped them clean a bit, helped get ready some food, and played with the cat.

the party was fun, but i was tired, and Tonya and George were tired, so we took off pretty early. they dropped me off at my house. i chattered at the Jeff for awhile, waited for the clock to tick over to midnight so i could call him and wish him happy anniversary, and eventually crashed.

Sunday: got up. walked to the store. cleaned house. in the afternoon, supremegoddess1 and her girlfriend came by for awhile in the afternoon, and we visited and bs'ed about high school and the army and work and life and played some Fluxx. they took off, and i did some more housecleaning, and Tonya and George wandered over and we did dinner (lasagne, bread, chocolate cherry dump cake) and played... more Fluxx. :)

as per normal, i didn't sleep well last night (i never do on Monday nights) which means i'm now dead tired and next to useless. i've had dinner (a quesidilla, orange/onion/olive salad, and more chocolate cake) and anticipate an early bedtime. work didn't suck, so i could call it a good day. :)

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