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this morning's new to me food: steel cut oats. i'm not sure i ended up with what Alton intended - well, i know i didn't, as i had no butter or whole milk, only soy. they're still good, though i'm also not convinced that they were supposed to end up at soupy as they did.

i have rediculous amounts of laundry to do, and i need to go to the grocery store again (i feel like i do this all the time, and i do, but i have to remind myself that i can only bring home so much at one time) and both involve going out in the rain. i've turned into such a wimp about rain and i haven't even been here a year yet. on the other hand, the girl who walked out of RDU last June into the wall of humdity, said "hot damn" or some such, and wanted to walk back into the airport, is gone. it's good to know that i adapt, i guess.

however, i don't care where i live, i will never get used to cold.

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