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i'm really glad i got home when i did. holy rain, Batman.

the headache did disappear when i left work. go fig.

went to planned parenthood, where, once again, they couldn't find my pills, though this time it was due to misfiling and not my talking too fast on the voicemail. got my pills. went to the library. took some time to actually browse instead of just picking up holds or whatever, and got a stack of books. a smaller stack than normal, still. :) then i walked over to campus to harrass reg and records, where they told me that i am in the computer (though i did forget to make sure they'd classified me as a resident) but they're not sending out letters until the beginning of october to keep people like me from calling and harassing their advisors now. :)

then i caught the bus home instead of walking, because it'd commenced raining. and now i'm home. my house is a wreck - i've been saying i was going to clean it all week, and stuff keeps happening, so i reckon i'll do that tonight

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